On the beach in San Diego, check out the Pop Up Picnic Co. and their gorgeous picnics that you can book for you and your friends.


Pop Up Picnic is a unique, outdoor dining experience for you and your favorite people.

We have taken the humble picnic and elevated it (quite literally!) to include the creature comforts of dining out while still enjoying your own private slice of San Diego.

The best part of Pop Up Picnic is the convenience we offer our customers. All the cooking, packing, hauling, setup and cleaning is done for you. Your Pop Up Picnic is ready when you arrive with your guests. Once the party is over, we clean everything up while you walk off into the sunset. 

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Pop Up Picnic

For parties from 2-20, we bring everything you need for the perfect picnic: including food, drinks and the creature comforts that make it possible.

How Does it Work?

Learn more about our food, drink and package options.  When you're ready, we'll have you schedule then finalize your reservation. Click the button below to learn more.

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee