Q: What Is included in a POp Up Picnic?

A: We have two packages: the Original & Boho Pop Up Picnic Package, both include seating, decor, food & drink for you and your guests plus all setup & cleanup.

  • Food: Order a charcuterie board for the table or individual meals from our seasonal menu.

  • Drink: Alkaline antioxidant water, Phwatr, is included with every reservation as are Spindrift seltzers.

Q: How do I select a location?

A: Choose from one of our Pop Up Picnic Co. preferred locations or email us to collaborate on a special place. If you have an address, landmark or GPS coordinates, send those with your request. We can't accommodate all requests but we will do our best. When dealing with rough terrain: sand, trails, steep slopes, etc. we may not be able to navigate with all our equipment so we aim to keep all our setup locations within 30yds of delivery vehicle access. 

Our favorite locations can be viewed here, Pop Up Picnic Co. preferred locations include:

  • La Jolla, Cuvier Park

  • Sunset Cliffs

  • Downtown: Embarcadero South

Q: Does Pop Up PIcnic Co. Stay during our picnic?

A: No, we leave after you're settled and return once your picnic reservation ends. If you need us during your picnic, you can call or text your Pop Up Picnic Tech (whose number is provided in your confirmation email) and they can be on site within minutes.

Q: Should I include my young kids in the guest count when booking?

A: If you're planning a picnic for a group of adults and young children, we recommend you only count the adults and just make a note when booking that there will be kids. We can include a few extra chairs/pillows if necessary but usually we find the kids are running around or sitting in parents' laps for a quick second  and don't necessitate the additional charge for additional seats and food. 

Q: Do I need a permit?

A: That depends on the location, number of people and a couple of other factors.  Pop Up Picnic Co. packages do not require a permit at any of our preferred locations. If you request a special spot, we'll let you know if you need a permit and can help with that process.

Q: What are the food options?

A: We offer a seasonal brunch menu for reservations between 10am-1pm that typically includes a seasonal fruit bowl or yogurt parfait, pastries and coffee. For reservations after 12pm we offer 2 choices: our charcuterie board with assorted cheeses, meats and accoutrements or our seasonal Pop Up Picnic bowls. Summer 2019 options will be announced in April 2019. You can check out all of our food options here: www.popuppicnic.co/food-and-drink or sign up for our newsletter to get updates as they happen.

Q: Do You Offer Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Sugar options?

A: Yes! We can accommodate most dietary needs, just make a note when completing your booking and we'll be in contact to confirm your request.

Q: What's Your cancellation policy?

A: We don't offer any refunds but we can change your reservation time without penalty up to 72 hours before your Pop Up Picnic. After that, there is a food charge of $25pp but you still have your remaining balance to use toward a future picnic.

Q: What about bad weather?

A: While rare, we sometimes have to move locations or change dates due to weather. If that looks like it may affect your reservation, we will contact you in advance of your picnic to discuss your options. There is no cancellation charge for rescheduling your picnic due to weather. 


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