Pop Up Picnic Co offers two different packages so you can celebrate your special occasion with the appropriate flair! Both options include food, drink, ambiance and our signature Pop Up Picnic Co service. (We also offer special packages for larger events, including corporate and bridal options, follow the link to read more.)

Each Pop Up Picnic Package Includes: 


FOOD: Choose from our seasonal menu of Pop Up Picnic Bowls or Charcuterie.

DRINK: Spindrift Sodas come standard. If you feel like something special, just let us know!


Decor & Greenery

We want your Pop Up Picnic to be an experience! That’s why we’ve curated the tabletop decor to include custom dyed linen napkins, greenery, candles and more.


The best part of a Pop Up Picnic is we do all the work. All the setup and cleanup is handled by our team. All we ask you to bring is a friend!

Pop Up Picnic



Original Pop Up Picnic

This is how it all started: a dining table and chairs for you and your guests in a picturesque location. The Original Pop Up Picnic is simple and sophisticated, whether you're enjoying your weekly date night or the beach wedding of your dreams, we bring everything you need for your celebration. Perfect for groups from 2-20.

Package 2

Boho Pop Up Picnic

Casual and eclectic, the Boho Pop Up Picnic is a fun way to spend some time with your favorite people. We especially recommend Boho for beach brunches and playdates- it’s great for kids and adults alike! For groups from 2-20.

Pop Up Picnic