We think a little ambiance goes a long way so we bring our signature style to each Pop Up Picnic. 

We offer 2 packages: 

  • Original Pop Up Picnic (traditional table and chairs)
  • Boho Pop Up Picnic (casual lounge seating with low tables, pillows & blankets)

Both include a fully styled tablescape with complete place settings: sustainably sourced wood plates and utensils, linen napkins and acrylic tumblers. We also include greenery centerpieces and green touches at each setting.

All picnic locations are in public parks and beaches and Pop Up Picnic Co. is careful to follow all park rules: namely no glass and no alcohol. Our tablescape is glass and fire free, in accordance with park regulations. 

We also do our part to be as green as possible-

  • We reuse whenever possible: linen napkins, acrylic tumblers, refillable water bottles and preserved eucalyptus centerpieces
  • Source sustainably: palm leaf plates, bamboo utensils and organic, local produce when available
  •  We recycle: all cans and bowl lids